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The Rancor Roughnecks is a guild based out of the Progenitor RP-server. We are mostly a social guild but try to offer support for all playstyles. We have several guild activities every week which include Operations (usually on weekends, although we often do World Bosses on weekdays) and guild pvp-nights on Thursdays.. If you are interested in joining us dont hesitate to contact us, we can allways use a few more friendly faces around.
Guild News

1.3 Upcoming Features

Coryne, May 22, 12 1:34 PM.
@SWTOR just tweeted a new trailer for the 1.3 Allies patch. Thought I would share it with the rest of you.

Cured Plague and Fixed Bugs

Coryne, Apr 24, 12 3:18 PM.
After this mornings patch the Rakghoul Pandemic event is officially over. I hope everyone got everything they wanted and got to experience some of the mayhem as this was a one time event and it and its rewards are unlikely to return again.

With this event we have gotten a view into the minds of Bioware and their plans for the future. We can expect many more events like this one over the horizon and we can expect them to be just as suprising and unannounced as this one was. Future events will most likely offer similar rewards of social items, pets and color crystals.

In related news a patch was implemented during the downtime, fixing several issues and tweaking some classes. Most notably it fixed the jet-turbine sound that has been roaring across Carrick station since 1.2 was released. Check the official patch notes for full details.

Rakghoul Outbreak on Tatooine

Coryne, Apr 16, 12 12:02 AM.
A event has gone live on the servers featuring a breakout of the Rakghoul Plague on Tatooine. If you explore it and follow it to the end you will recieve a non-combat pet and a codex entry. Bioware has talked alot in the past about events like this that will come along now and then, so we can expect alot more of these in the future. There may also be more to this event yet to be uncovered, but for now heres a link to a guide I found on getting the pet. Be warned, there are some spoilers in that text.

Ill be adding updates as I come across them in the comments.

: Found a good guide on the quests, infection and the loot here.

1.2 is out. Guildbank purchased

Coryne, Apr 12, 12 12:27 PM.
1.2 was released today so log in and enjoy the many interesting new features and changes. We have already purchased a Guildbank and you can read more about that in the forum.

1.2 releasing on April 12th.

Coryne, Apr 11, 12 3:27 AM.
Its finally coming. There will be a special 8 hour maintenance period during April the 12th to implement 1.2. So look forward to exploring the legacy system shortly.
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